Products and Services Update – Q3 2019

Product Spotlight: PrismHR ClientSpace
(formerly known as Pulse)

If you didn’t hear the news, PrismHR Pulse is now PrismHR ClientSpace. Why the change?

Align product name with product vision
The vision for the module when it was launched as PrismHR Pulse and Sense in late 2017 has since evolved in a direction that closely resembles its original design—a powerful CRM for PEOs and ASOs. “ClientSpace” is a clear, descriptive name for this functionality and one already familiar to many in the industry.

Clarity and consistency
The many names currently used to describe the module (i.e., ClientSpace, Pulse, Pulse and Sense) has created some confusion. One descriptive name—PrismHR ClientSpace—will provide clarity and consistency.

Is anything changing in the module as a result of this name change?
No—all the functionality in Pulse remains the same and there’s nothing you need to do. If you have Pulse, you now have ClientSpace.

If you haven’t yet activated this module, we encourage you to contact us to get started.

Product & Feature Updates

Check out all the PrismHR product and feature enhancements released in Q3.  View current and historical release notes for PrismHR.

Employee Portal 

The quarterly release introduced a Contact Us widget which dynamically shows worksite employees their HRO support team. You also now have the ability to embed third-party sites in custom widgets. For details on creating these widgets, check out “Embedding Third-Party Sites in Custom Widgets” on the Customer Resource Center. For information on all enhancements and fixes, read the release notes.


Report Center now features 14 interactive reports, including these new additions:

Client Master ACH Billing, Client Master Billing, Client Master General Info, Employer Tax Liability, Federal Tax Liability (revised to include more fields/larger dataset), Local Tax Liability, State Tax Liability, and Pay Code Detail.

Using the data within the new reports/datasets listed above, you can reproduce more than 150 HRP and PrismHR reports! We’ve also enhanced the client selector to give you the ability to filter data by active or inactive clients.



This quarter’s releases feature a number of enhancements to the “Post to ClientSpace” dashboard in the Email Add-In to make the experience of attaching an email to a case easier. Additional workflow triggering options are now available in ClientSpace, allowing you to launch a workflow based on a greater set of data points.

We’ve also made it possible to refine your workflows with more employee-related fields. For example, you may want to set up distinct workflows for terminated employees with medical plans and without medical plans, or with and without a retirement plan—this is now possible. Read the release notes for Release 82, Release 83, and Release 84 for more information.

Performance Management

Q3 user interface enhancements including consolidating several workflow actions into a single “Options” menu. We’ve also introduced a simplified evaluation view, reducing the need for supervisors to click around and search when completing an appraisal. And with the new “Downline Appraisal View,” supervisors can now see all appraisals for employees who directly or indirectly report to them. Other enhancements include the ability to share appraisal notes in real-time with supervisors and employees (depending on the user’s role), and the option to filter appraisals by more than one criteria. For more information, read the release notes.


As an additional safeguard against unauthorized access, multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been automatically enabled for service provider users who did not previously have MFA enabled. Please view the FAQ for additional details. 

Enhancements to help you improve efficiency include the availability of the Payroll Summary and Payroll Billing Summary as on-demand reports. These reports are also printable at payroll calculation from the payroll reports review screen. For full details on this quarter’s updates, including improvements to the Pay Code and Deduction Code forms, read the release notes.

Benefits Enrollment

Three fields in Group Benefits Setup have been added to improve the process of onboarding new clients: Rule Date to Use for Take-On, Earliest Premium Rate Date to Use, and Earliest Rate Date to Use. These new fields allow you to offer client benefits to employees without encountering an error or administrative issue due to conflicting dates in the system. The 2.14 release also features an enhanced user experience for life insurance plan enrollment, and the ability to reduce both the coverage and premium amounts for age reduction life plans.

For more information, read the release notes.


Onboarding 1.5 includes the ability to configure direct deposit to force a balanced account when state rules allow, so that the employee must direct deposit 100% of pay. An additional enhancement includes the ability to disable pay rate approval for rehire pay rate changes at the system level. When this option is enabled, any pay rate changes on the Pay tab on the Employee Details form will not produce an approval request. In addition, employee resident address fields have been added to PDF field mapping. For more information on these updates as well as fixes, read the release notes.


API 1.18 includes enhancements related to benefits, clients, codeFile, employees, payroll, and security. Read the release notes for details on these updates and fixes.

New Partnerships


PrismHR is partnering with Bullhorn, the market leader for staffing software, to integrate PrismHR Payroll with Bullhorn One for commercial staffing. This partnership will combine the leading recruiting platform with the premier payroll engine in the HRO industry. 

This partnership will help HROs work more effectively with staffing clients who use Bullhorn, and provide new opportunities by referring outsourcing leads from staffing companies to PrismHR service providers that participate in our demand generation program.

Read our blog post to learn more: New PrismHR Partnership with Bullhorn Will Fuel Growth and Efficiency for PrismHR HRO Partners.

Bullhorn One and PrismHR logos

Aflac and Alterity logos

Aflac and Alterity

We’re pleased to announce the integration of two new partners into the PrismHR Insurance Alliance: Aflac Group, a leading voluntary benefit firm, and Alterity Group, an advisory firm, have combined efforts to offer PrismHR clients a robust, turn-key voluntary offering. PrismHR customers who participate in the program can access funds that can be used to cover implementation, technology and communications expenses.

You can choose from a suite of customized accident, critical illness, hospital indemnity, and BenExtend plans. Many aspects of the program—including guaranteed issue coverage, waiver of pre-existing conditions limitations, no participating requirements and a no-cost Data Bridge to Aflac—are usually available only to Aflac’s largest customers. But the buying power of the PrismHR Insurance Alliance makes this exclusive program available to all PrismHR customers today!

Additionally, the program gives you access to best-in-class customer service, a dedicated customer service hotline, and implementation and communication support. To learn more about this exciting solution, please register for their webinar on October 30, 2019. Register for the webinar here

HR Work Cycles

New partner HR Work Cycles is already making an impact in the PrismHR customer community. We recently caught up with one of the first PrismHR customers to sign on with them—XMI in Nashville, TN—and we spoke with their Director of Implementation and Systems, Brenda Rowan:

Why did you decide to work with HR Work Cycles?

“It really is just a value-add for our clients, and it’s a value-add for us. There’s always been a disconnect with clients after you complete the I9. You have those clients that forget or just don’t do the E-Verify. Using HR Work Cycles is a way to ensure that our clients are compliant, and it makes work easy for them. And that’s what we want to do, we want to make work easy for our clients, and for ourselves as well, and HR Work Cycles allows us to do that.” 

What benefits have you seen since signing on with HR Work Cycles?

“They’re really, really easy to work with. They have definitely provided us with internal efficiencies and the ability to ensure things are getting done in a timely fashion. And having an E-Verify Employer Agent does allow us to get those larger clients without having to increase our resources. I think we would have had difficulty signing up a recent new client with 1000 worksite employees across 9 locations if we did not have an e-verify solution. 

I would highly recommend HR Work Cycles to any service provider looking to take on more and larger clients that you want to ensure stay compliant but without a lot of work required on the client side.”

HRworkcycles and XMI logos

SwipeClock Logo

SwipeClock Embedded Clock Now Available for PrismHR Employee Portal

We’re pleased to announce a new enhancement to SwipeClock’s integration with PrismHR: an embeddable clock in the PrismHR Employee Portal. This enhancement means that core timekeeping elements can be easily embedded into the client’s dashboard for single sign-on access to the web clock, schedule, time card, and time off. These embeddable “widgets” empower PrismHR customers to provide additional convenience to their clients, improve client workflows, and ultimately increase client retention. For current SwipeClock customers, get instructions on implementing the embedded timekeeping widget here, and get more information about SwipeClock by emailing

Customer Support

An improved version of the Customer Resource Center (CRC)—including our new Customer Community—has been released to all customers.

On the new site, you can submit support tickets, review the status of your tickets, access our knowledge articles, review a list of known issues, and submit product enhancement ideas.

We’ve also introduced a new community where customers can ask questions and get answers from their peers and the PrismHR team. Hundreds of questions have already been answered and it’s becoming an active forum for collaboration and sharing best practices.

 New Alerts & Notifications Emails

Also new on the CRC is the ability to follow support alerts and known issues.

By subscribing to email alerts in your CRC profile, you’ll be notified when a support-related announcement has been posted on the CRC home page or when a known issue you are following has been updated.

Customer Center

Customer Community thread

Update: 1,000 New Help Articles Initiative

The PrismHR support team has been hard at work toward their goal of writing 1,000 new help articles before the end of the year.

Since April, the team has published 600 new articles and has another 200 in the works.

Additionally, our Technical Documentation team has added 24 new User Guides and Release Notes. We have also started to publish a monthly list of the new articles on the CRC.


The following roadmap section highlights where PrismHR will focus in the short term (third quarter of 2019) and offers a preview of future initiatives which are in progress or planned.


Short Term

  • Electronic consent
  • Workflow maintenance – “Edit New Hire” page enhancements
  • Document substitution link
  • Cross Hire
  • Custom form PDF mapping – Increase map library

Long Term

  • Notification conditional dependency – Event-based by field and/or business rule
  • Advanced E-Verify support  
  • Proxy View
  • Document Management
  • Bulk document download
  • Spanish support
  • Kiosk support
  • Form conditional dependency – Include form based on form response
  • Approval assignment to multiple user types
  • Dashboard All Client view
  • Productized mapped PDFs
  • Manage Approvals Queue – Add actions for Approve and Apply Policy



Short Term

  • Core W2, 1099 and 1095 processing updates
  • Initial W2C and 1099-M to Employee Portal support
  • New W4 support

Long Term

  • Year end processing support
  • Incremental state garnishment rule support



Short Term

  • Redesigned grouping, sort, and aggregates
  • Formatted PDF exports
  • New reports in Report Center

Long Term

  • Report Center enhancements (e.g., tags and categories)
  • Pivot functionality
  • Templated PDF exports
  • Scheduled reports
  • More new reports


Benefits Enrollment

Short Term

  • Track benefit plans requiring participation requirements
  • Add status date option for FSA benefit rules calc
  • Multiple bug fixes

Long Term

  • Simplify entry of plan data
  • Introduce Benefits Center
  • Clients benefits management
  • Enhance benefits adjustment processing
  • Improve notification functionality
  • Increase data import capabilities
  • Multiple 401k plan support


In Payroll the focus is on continued operational efficiency updates and enhancements.


Employee Portal

Short Term

  • Manager-only dashboard widgets
  • New Contact Us widget dynamically displays the employee’s HR contacts

Long Term

  • Support for the new W4 State and federal forms
  • Ability to push out employee alerts
  • Improved updating of tax withholdings (using Symmetry and storing of actual .pdf tax documents)
  • 1099 Support
  • PTO team calendar



Short Term

  • I-9 document expiration notifications
  • Sunsetting Classic (Template Tasks, specifically)
  • Client Profitability Report

Long Term

  • UX/UI improvements to Sales, Implementation and Risk features
  • Consolidating workflow channels and email templates
  • Exporting Pricing Data to PrismHR


Performance Management

Short Term

  • Enhanced Partner Integrations (Core)
  • New Job Board Integrations (ATS) – Glassdoor, Google Jobs, etc.
  • Candidate Portal Redesign (ATS)
  • Finish out E-Verify Integration
  • Enhance Comment Coaching Library Content (PM)
  • Import Utility (Core)
  • PrismHR Employee Self Service widgets from Talent Mgmt. (PM)
  • Skillset Matching from Parsed Resume (ATS)

Long Term

  • Completion of Compensation module (Comp)
  • Enhanced interview scheduling (ATS)
  • Roles Refactor (Core)
  • Language Pack (Core)
  • One Login – Identity as a Service (Core)
  • Offer Letter Approval Workflow (ATS & ONB)
  • Continued progress towards one DAL (Technical Debt)



Short Term

  • Ability to pass session ID in header
  • Manual Check Entry

Long Term

  • Credential authentication
  • Web hooks
Have something you’d like to see in future updates? Please let us know at, and stay tuned for next quarter’s update!

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