Products and Services Update – Q2 2019

Summer is here and product innovation at PrismHR continues to heat up. Last month at PrismHR LIVE we announced a number of enhancements and exciting roadmap items. Watch the Product Highlights segment of the keynote in this issue for more details.

We’re also trying something new in this quarter’s Products and Services Update. In the Product & Features Update section you’ll find presentations from PrismHR Product Managers who will take you through—and give you the story behind—some recent product updates.

But first, check out Scott Cormier’s preview video covering the Q2 highlights:

PrismHR LIVE Keynote: Product Highlights

Last month at PrismHR LIVE, Scott Cormier and Craig Babigian discussed the PrismHR product vision as well as recently delivered enhancements across the platform.


Product & Feature Updates

Check out all the PrismHR product and feature enhancements released in Q2. Highlights include the new Report Center, Document Management in Employee Portal, and an additional safeguard against fraud attempts. View current and historical release notes for PrismHR.

The new PrismHR Report Center delivers an intuitive, consolidated reporting experience where you can quickly and easily interact with the data you need. Report Center includes seven interactive reports which are highly customizable, intuitive, and provide access to expansive sets of data. Read the Report Center FAQ for more information and request your no-cost activation at



PrismHR has added another security-related enhancement to help you safeguard against fraud. When calculating payroll, you will receive a notification if there have been any changes to direct deposit information (e.g., name, ACH information, phone number, email address).

The quarterly release of PrismHR 1.15 also includes new features available in PrismHR such as the delete unused employee utility, the ability to future effective date employee changes to departments, divisions, and locations, new import functionality for worksite locations and positions, and updates to the employee termination process that include the option to pay out available PTO. Read the release notes.

The quarterly release of Employee Portal 2.6 includes new Document Management functionality (available as beta), as well as enhancements related to usability, and several fixes. Read the release notes for more information.

Document Management makes it easy to manage all your client files in a single database that is secure and simple to use. Control who can access documents on a global, client, manager, or employee level. You can even allow managers and WSEs to upload certain types of files themselves, streamlining communications and saving everyone time. Read the Document Management FAQ for more details. Activate and sign up for the beta here.


Benefits Enrollment

Benefits Enrollment 2.13 includes new functionality to allow service providers to set up and display plan specific terms and conditions to employees, process Flex/HSA-only open enrollments, provide inquiry only access to benefits enrollment dashboard for worksite managers. There is also new functionality for display of inactive selections in workflow, coverage dependencies for life and disability, and to allow creation of open enrollment after the effective date. There are also several other enhancements and fixes. For more information, read the release notes.


Pulse releases feature many workflow channel and email template enhancements to provide even greater configuration options. Other additions include Employee Work email import via the API, options to configure informational messages on the “Can We Help?” widget, many system administration improvements for managing your Pulse installation, and more. Read the release notes for Pulse Release 79, Release 80, and Release 81 for more information.


The quarterly release includes changes to features related to clients, benefits, codeFile, employees, payroll, security, and subscription. There are also several fixes. Read the release notes for full details.


The PrismHR Onboarding 1.4 release includes a new manage approvals queue, as well as enhancements to workflow maintenance, and a utility to generate missing PDFs for submitted custom forms. There are also several fixes. For more information, read the release notes.

Performance Management

Q2 releases included the organization of the appraisals workflow into a more streamlined approach outside of the appraisal body. Routing, signatures, and printing of appraisals can now be found in the Options button next to the workflow status toolbar. There is also new functionality for our “Effortless” initiative which will allow for an extremely scaled down, one screen approach to completing employee appraisals. Releases also included the introduction of calendar reminders that can be created and imported into any calendaring system to assist with appraisal due dates and other appraisal milestones. For more information, read the release notes.


HRPyramid Cloud 14.2 Service Pack 20 includes enhancements related to compliance and reports, as well as several fixes. For more information, read the release notes.

Security Update

Multi-Factor Authentication to be Enabled in September Quarterly Release

As an additional safeguard against the increased number of fraud attempts targeting the payroll industry, PrismHR will enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all PrismHR Platform users in the September Quarterly Release. If you would like to enable MFA sooner, please follow the step-by-step instructions that begin on page 58 of the PrismHR System Administration User Guide.

New Partnerships

Help Protect Employees

PrismHR is pleased to announce a new Insurance Alliance partner Norton LifeLock, with a new cyber smart employee benefit: LifeLock with Norton Benefit Plans. It provides protection against ever-changing cyber threats to employees’ identity, personal information and connected devices. Help reduce employee downtime and distractions with the cyber smart employee benefit. Visit the Norton LifeLock Insurance Alliance page to learn more or watch their recent webinar.

EPAY Systems Offers Flexible Time & Labor

Time and attendance is the foundation of any hourly business. Without clean and accurate data going in, payroll becomes a long, costly process that leaves businesses open to compliance risk. That’s why PrismHR is proud to announce a new partnership with EPAY Systems, offering a fully integrated solution that helps you track and manage employees’ time so that you can maintain compliance and reduce your clients’ labor costs. The scalable solution meets your customer’s needs, no matter the complexity of their workforce. For more information, visit the EPAY Systems Marketplace page.

E-Verify Employees’ Eligibility to Work in the US

PrismHR is excited to announce a new partnership with E-Verify Employer Agent, HR Work Cycles, whose solution verifies your employees’ authorization to work in the U.S. and helps combat document fraud. HR Work Cycles works with your clients to manage implementation and then compares the employee data entered into the Form I-9 from the PrismHR system with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Learn more about HRWorkcycles on the HR Work Cycles Marketplace page or watch their recent webinar.

World Class People Risk Management

You need to help your clients stay compliant. That means staying up to date on the latest compliance changes, continually updating employee handbooks, and providing a wide array of employee training. That’s why PrismHR is pleased to announce our new partner ThinkHR, a trusted provider of HR knowledge and risk management solutions. Learn more about ThinkHR by visiting the ThinkHR Marketplace page or watch their recent webinar.

New Integrated Time and Attendance Available From SwipeClock

PrismHR is excited to announce a new partnership with time and attendance solution provider SwipeClock. The SwipeClock and PrismHR partnership is a new opportunity to grow your business and create account stickiness. The integration of SwipeClock’s TimeWorksPlus with PrismHR makes it easier than ever to share employee data and time card information. It gives employees single sign-on (SSO) access to an intelligent punch clock. It also helps HR service providers increase efficiency, reduce labor costs and improve the customer experience. To learn more, register for their webinar on July 25, 2019, visit the SwipeClock Marketplace page.

Innovative PEO Benefit Solutions Built on Solid Analytics

Compass Consulting Group, LLC has worked to help PEOs choose the right preferred carrier partners, funding arrangement, and benefit plans for over 20 years, specializing in establishing, refining, and optimizing master health plans. Compass also offers additional sustainable healthcare solutions tailored for your distinct needs, with a focus on helping you leverage healthcare to grow your PEO in the right direction and to support your company’s success. Learn more about Compass Consulting Group by attending the webinar on August 1, 2019 and by visiting the Compass Consulting Group Marketplace page.

Customer Support

In our ongoing effort to help customers get quality answers as quickly as possible, PrismHR Support has redesigned the Customer Resources Center (CRC) and introduced two related initiatives—the Customer Community and the 1K Challenge.

Redesigned Customer Resource Center

Head over to the CRC and you’ll notice a new look featuring improved navigation and alerts to help you find what you need even faster. Access quick links to Known Issues, trending articles, case reporting, and the PrismHR Ideas forum.

Customer Community on the CRC

PrismHR users can now post questions and share peer-to-peer advice on the new Customer Community. Early access is now available to select customers and will be opened to all users later in 2019. If you would like to gain early access, please send a request to

1,000 Help Articles in 2019

Finding a relevant how-to article on the CRC will always be your quickest path to an answer. That’s why the Support team is creating 1,000 new articles by the end of 2019. Articles are inspired by questions submitted by users and will help PrismHR create a one-stop resource available to all customers.

Sales & Marketing Resources

Are you or one of your colleagues looking for resources to help sell and market PrismHR technology? Sign up or login to the SEEDS portal today to view all the resources available for sales and marketing professionals.

Many customers have asked how they can leverage the strength of the PrismHR brand in their own marketing materials. In response, we’re making it easier for you to tie your brand to the PrismHR technology ecosystem which now serves over 80,000 businesses and 2 million worksite employees.

A series of new Powered by PrismHR logos can now be used in your collateral, on your website, or any other location where you talk about technology. This completely optional program is a simple way to associate your solution with a platform that’s growing in scale, capabilities, and marketplace partners. Learn more and review usage guidelines here.


The following roadmap section highlights where PrismHR will focus in the short term (third quarter of 2019) and offers a preview of future initiatives which are in progress or planned.*

Payroll, Benefits & HR

Short Term

  • Continued focus on fixes
  • Ability to keep timesheet entries on delete/recreate payroll control
  • Option to update timesheet with immediate changes to Location, Department, or Division
  • Ability to view/print rejected payroll approval comments
  • Add flag to Mass Change Pay Group to include terminated employees
  • Import Functionality: Pay Rates, Statuses, Scheduled Payments
  • Delete employee from timesheet option

Long Term

  • Continued focus on fixes
  • Payroll & HR workflow enhancements
  • Payroll Notes enhancements
  • PTO/Leave Request redesign

Benefits Enrollment

Short Term

  • Convert life offer types to election tile format
  • Benefits Enrollment SSO back to Employee Portal
  • Take on client rate and rules dates
  • Dashboard performance enhancement
  • Multiple bug fixes

Long Term

  • Simplify entry of plan data
  • Introduce Benefits Center
  • Clients benefits management
  • Enhance benefits adjustment processing
  • Improve notification functionality
  • Increase data import capabilities
  • Multiple 401k plan support


Employee Portal

Short Term

  • Manager only dashboard widgets
  • Embed 3rd party links/content in a dashboard widget (i.e., Embedded Time Clock)
  • Employee Alerts
  • Symmetry Tax Withholding integration

Long Term

  • Team PTO Calendar
  • Reprint 1099
  • Org Charts and Employee Directory
  • Contact Us widget
  • Updated Direct Deposit process


Short Term

  • EEO-1 Component 2 reporting
  • Tax levy priority order adjustments (BETA)
  • 1 million dollar and NY local supplemental pay

Long Term

  • W2 and 1095 updates
  • New W4 support
  • Non binary gender solution
  • ACA reporting enhancements
  • Certified payroll enhancements
  • W2C supportW2C, 1095Bs, 1099s to EP support


Performance Management

Short Term

  • Completion of our “Effortless” initiative
  • Global settings for Approve Appraisal and Shared Appraiser workflow
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Reporting

Long Term

  • Increase functionality and content of library
  • System performance
  • Introduction of sensitive language identification
  • Improved notification center functionality
  • Reporting


Short Term

  • Adding more client code services including course, skill and union codes
  • Adding the ability to read and update employee information including loans, events, pay method
  • Slavic 401K import
  • Reprint check stub

Long Term

  • PTO setup 
  • FSA enrollment
  • Net to Gross Calculator



Short Term

  • Email Add In enhancements
  • Additional notification context and PrismHR Event data
  • Workflow Channel enhancements: item publishing and more condition options

Long Term

  • I-9 data integration and document expiration notifications
  • Payroll Batch data integration / Profitability reporting
  • Contextual linking between Pulse and PrismHR


Short Term

  • Redesigned grouping
  • Global Client Selector may be filtered by Active, Termed, or All
  • New reports

Long Term

  • Ability to save client-specific report formats
  • Categories and Tags added to Report Center
  • More new reports



Short Term

  • Direct Deposit – Force Balance Account
  • Document Substitution Link
  • Cross Hire
  • Workflow Maintenance – “Edit New Hire” page enhancements
  • Custom Form PDF Mapping – Increase map library

Long Term

  • Notification Conditional Dependency – Event based by Field and/or Business Rule
  • Advanced E-Verify Support  
  • Proxy View
  • Document Management
  • Bulk Document Download
  • Spanish Support
  • Kiosk Support
  • Form Conditional Dependency – Include form based on form response
  • Approval assignment to multiple user types
  • Dashboard All Client View
  • Productized Mapped PDFs
  • Manage Approvals Queue – Add actions for Approve and Apply Policy

*These roadmap statements represent PrismHR’s current intentions. PrismHR development plans are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Any reliance on these statements is at the relying party’s sole risk and will not create any liability or obligation for PrismHR.

Have something you’d like to see in future updates? Please let us know at, and stay tuned for next quarter’s update!

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