Staffing Firms: What to Outsource to Grow Your Business

You begin with payroll, benefits, and workers’ comp

The sheer reality of running a staffing agency increasingly looks like this:

  • There’s a set amount of hours in a day, week, month, and year
  • Resources are limited
  • Every possible strategic action has an opportunity cost that might be better for the business
  • Your time — and your employees’ time — is valuable

The true value lies in delivery for clients. But staffing agencies consistently report that a significant portion of their actual time goes toward back-of-office work such as payroll, taxes, compliance, regulations, and risk management.

The easiest way to take back your time — and simultaneously not question if you’re doing these tasks right — is outsourcing. This usually involves partnering with a human resource service provider, which handle a variety of back-office tasks.

These partnerships allow staffing agencies to reduce risk, gain competitive advantage, and become more profitable.

Get your eBook: The Benefits of Outsourcing for Staffing Firms

eBook: The Benefits of Outsourcing for Staffing Firms will teach you how to grow a staffing agency by outsourcing back office tasks

Outsourcing for staffing agencies often starts with:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Workers’ comp

This e-book will walk you through understanding each, including what questions to ask of potential partners. Download today, and we’d be happy to answer any follow-up questions to help you back on the path to client delivery and revenue generation.