USALLIANCE Financial is a full-service, federally insured credit union that provides flexible banking and streamlined payroll solutions for PEOs and employers of all sizes. We provide early access to payroll funds and simplified ACH transactions with no cost to you and no change in operational controls.

Benefits of Early Pay Direct Deposit

Benefits for Employers
  • Save on paper check costs
  • Reduced payroll costs – no check holds, no delays in cashing
  • Reduced bookkeeping time to prepare payroll, write checks, re-write lost checks, etc.
  • Reduced costs from check fraud
  • Reduced lost work time of employees (no need to leave work to deposit checks)
Benefits for Employees
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced check clearing times (money in their bank account sooner)
  • Increased security of personal information
  • Time saver
  • No cost to employee
  • Avoid expensive payday check cashing services & fees

Flexible Banking Solutions

MyLife Checking

Your go-to checking account. Great for everyday banking whenever and wherever you need it.

MyLife Savings

The essential savings account that helps you prepare for the future and meet your financial goals.

Credit Cards

Great low rates, no annual fees, and no penalty APRs, how can you go wrong? Find the card that fits your lifestyle.

Lending Solutions

Live in your dream home, attend your dream school, or drive away in your dream car with a variety of loan options.

Financial Education

From budgeting basics to personal finance tips, visit our library of resources to grow your knowledge.


Experience the Credit Union Difference

When you partner with USALLIANCE Financial, your employees will be eligible to join as a member of an industry-leading federal credit union. What does that mean? Better rates on loans and deposit accounts, personalized service, and access to over 5,900+ branch facilities and 30,000+ surcharge-free ATMs.



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