A consulting firm focused on the payroll & unemployment tax opportunities and issues unique to PEOs.

Our proprietary process, experienced professionals, and extensive resources have yielded our Professional Employment Organization (PEO) clients refunds ranging from $25,000 to over $500,000, with a typical recovery in excess of $50,000.

Additional services we provide include dispute resolution, SUTA forecasting, as well as several other industry-specific tax consulting services.

We help PEOs with FICA/FUTA “Restart” refunds, based on a restart of a wage base for mid-year onboarded clients.

This involves a three-year lookback, and it is a contingent arrangement, where no fees are paid to us until you receive a refund. Only minimal effort is required on your part, as our interface with PrismHR provides us with the majority of data needed to prepare refund claims.  Our clients have received no penalties or assessments due to claims in our history.

We have been providing services to the pioneers and leaders in the PEO industry for 20 years. Our principals and managers have extensive “Big Four” state and local tax experience. State Tax Solutions is renowned for providing innovative, personalized, value-added services that increase profitability.



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