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Solvo helps companies optimize their workforce efforts, increase profitability, reduce HR risks and offer peace of mind with proven results and a great partnership. We address your staffing needs by cost-efficiently extending your team. Some of our most popular fields for staffing are: Back office, Front office, IT staffing, Collections and AR, among others.

We provide solutions involving: 

  • Recruitment, sourcing and retaining top candidates. 
  • Increase employee engagement.
  • Aligning employee performance with business goals.
  • Boost efficiency through automation.

Benefits Overview

When you work with Solvos’ labor force, you can turn over the time-consuming process of sourcing, screening, interviewing, hiring and training new employees and focus on the strategic. You can free up time and resources on your end, while improving results thanks to our all-in cost structure.

  • All candidates are bilingual and professionals.
  • We find people who are the right fit for our clients’ individual needs based on their education and experience.
  • 100% remote and 100% time dedicated to your company.
  • Companies can get a 30-day rolling contract with no cancellation fee.
  • Streamlined communication with our local, in-house HR experts, held to 95% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Seamless experience for global employees.
  • Enjoy all-in pricing, with zero overhead.

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“With Solvo we have been able to open different departments that we hadn’t been able to open and grow in the US!”


“Working with Solvo is like having our own office in South America, with the staff directly managed by our company, empowered by our culture and always doing the job to the best of their abilities”

Maristella – Purchasing manager

“By working with Solvo, we have lowered significant costs which is also one of the things that motivates us to keep on growing along with them. Each year this reduction in costs represents $2.1M for us and it keeps growing”

Jordi – Administrative director


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