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An upgraded payroll card experience.

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The only customizable payroll card globally linked to a multi-currency digital wallet.

Reduce payroll costs, increase processing efficiency and build employee loyalty with the only global payroll card that is a secure, reliable and convenient alternative to paper checks.

Plata Pay upgrades the traditional payroll card model by augmenting card capabilities with financial technology (fintech) solutions.

As both a physical payroll card and digital wallet, Plata Pay’s next generation payment technology prepares businesses for the growing millennial and international workforce, and scales quickly and efficiently in the new touch-free, paperless economy.

Eliminating expensive internal development costs, Plata Pay also delivers turnkey integration and cost-effective engineering to maintaining continuous tech-relevance. This plug-and-play approach to payroll simplifies workflows using a user-friendly process, intuitive interface and easy-to-use administrative system designed to save both time and money.

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How Does Plata Pay Work?

For newly enrolled employees, select the next available Plata Pay payroll card from the pre-delivered card supply at your office, making note of the 12-digit personal reference number (“PRN”) on the payroll card for reference in the next step.

Send the employee’s personal information details and the 12-digit PRN from the payroll card to Plata Pay via a secure Plata Pay web portal.

Plata Pay will securely return to you the necessary funding information, including bank routing number and a unique personal reference number.

Run payroll and fund it as usual with the newly-entered employee Plata Pay payroll card deposit account information.

Funds are directly deposited to the Plata Pay payroll card and are ready to spend on payday.

Why Plata Pay?

Plata Pay is the exclusive payroll card provider for the ePlata network and payment ecosystem. As such, it is unlike any other payroll card solution in the market. Plata Pay has improved upon the standard payroll card capabilities with a global and powerfully more robust array of features available in the mobile app. These convenient capabilities include:

Make peer-to-peer money transfers/remittances (domestically and internationally)

Utilize in-app chat messaging, while managing financial obligations

Make digital bill payments at over 135,000 U.S. and 100-plus Mexican vendors

Hold multiple balances in multiple currencies

What Plata Pay Option is Best For Me?

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