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Employee performance management solutions.

Review and Rank Employee Performance as Effectively as Any Enterprise

JuvodHR is built for small and medium-sized businesses to generate job descriptions, perform reviews, and create corrective action notices. Employees with any type of job are stack-ranked across the business using the JuvodHR score – based on an academically validated framework.

The software helps, advises, and guides your client through the process and at the same time allows you to oversee their activity through the use of a branded portal. JuvodHR’s cloud-based, mobile friendly software works on all devices.

Manage Performance and Provide Consistent Feedback

JuvodHR provides an online employee management tool for small businesses to improve employee performance and protect business owners from spurious unemployment claims or employee lawsuits. At its core is a way for owners and managers to review and rank employees.

Unique Job Description Creator

Create an accurate job description through the JuvodHR database, and then review each employee using the automated system of scoring.  Employees are automatically stack-ranked across the business because JuvodHR connects all the jobs and ratings into an academically validated framework.

Employees are more effective when they have explicit job descriptions. The JuvodHR job description creator is unique. It’s like nothing seen before. It starts with pre-written tasks for 17,000 job titles. Search for a core job and just edit it to be specifically for your company.

Performance Reviews are Unique to Each Job Description

The software even provides the user with the feedback language to share with each employee based the final ratings of their performance review.

Corrective Action Notices created with JuvodHR are also automatically linked through the employee’s job description. This kind of linked documentation is crucial when terminated employees ask unjustly for unemployment benefits. Linked documentation includes the job description, performance reviews, and corrective action notices. JuvodHR provides clients with valid documentation that is consistent, valid and simple to generate.

So simple, you can be up and running in less than one day.

JuvodHR works on any phone or tablet. JuvodHR builds a custom branded portal for each PrismHR PEO.



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