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Drive revenue & simplify compliance with Cornerstone Learning.

Cornerstone Learning: Robust Learning Management that your clients need and personalized learning your worksite employees will love.

The way people work and learn has changed dramatically. As a PEO, you have to keep up with evolving compliance requirements and the skills of tomorrow in order to help your clients mitigate risk and compete. Cornerstone provides an environment that fosters continuous learning with robust functionality to help you and your clients manage all of your training needs. Pre-curated content subscriptions are included and are based on the most current regulations and topics.

By partnering with Cornerstone, PEO’s can offer the industry leading Learning Management Solution, while providing a unique experience for each of their clients, all in one place, under the PEO’s complete control and management.

Small and medium businesses are challenged with delivering and tracking compliance training. Cornerstone Learning was designed to ease the burden of compliance management, while also allowing for your clients to build a compliance culture that targets real behavior change.

Cornerstone’s LMS is an intuitive, personalized hub for your worksite employees to not only complete required training, but also explore engaging learning content, fostering their ongoing development. Cornerstone’s content subscriptions will help PEOs provide their Clients to develop the most sought-after professional skills needed for all levels, while also delivering modern compliance and other timely topics like diversity and inclusion.

Cornerstone Learning differentiators

  • Brand, personalize and standardize your clients’ learning experience at scale
  • Keep your content libraries modern and fresh with streamlined subscriptions
  • Reduce risk through scaled compliance management initiatives
  • Self-Service Reporting Tools and detailed Dashboards ensure audit readiness for you and your clients
  • Modern Learner Hub which allows your Worksite Employees to prioritize and take action on the training they must complete to ensure compliance
  • Support your clients with automated assignment, comprehensive learner completion records and multiple languages
  • Empower your clients to learn anytime, anywhere with the Cornerstone iOS and Android app


Key Features Include:

Robust and highly configurable
Modern learning experience
Compliance management
Mobile learning
Expertly Curated Content Subscriptions
Customizable reporting & analytics
Machine learning/AI

Inspiring a culture of learning with your Clients by offering fresh, relevant training content made for today’s modern workforce.

With Cornerstone’s content subscriptions, we make it easy for you to deliver the best content from the top content vendors to your Clients.

Our content subscriptions bring the most relevant compliance, professional, leadership & management skills for small & medium business employees to you in a packaged subscription. You and your clients can also upload and create your own content with our world-class authoring tools.

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