Compass Consulting Group

Compass Consulting Group, LLC is a recognized leader in the design and operation of employee benefit plans for PEOs nationwide.

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We Provide Solutions Designed for Your PEO.

Compass can help a PEO by:

  • Optimizing an existing master plan to ensure the PEO is getting the most out of it.
  • Refining internal competencies in managing an existing master plan.
  • Establishing a new master plan and developing a strong competency in managing the plan.
  • Enhancing an existing master plan with better national or targeted regional reach.
  • Providing a sustainable healthcare solution, in addition to master healthcare plans, tailored for your distinct needs.

Let our consultants design an innovative, customized solution for your PEO.

Manage Your Costs to Maintain Profitability

Your PEO’s healthcare premiums continue to sky-rocket year-after-year. How do you manage costs to stay profitable?

Our experienced consultants will analyze your benefits offerings and negotiate proposed carrier rates – which can result in significant savings. Clients who’ve worked with Compass for three or more years consistently have insurance renewals below trend and open market rates.

Let us help manage your PEO’s benefit costs.