HRPyramid End of Access and Support FAQ

What is the timeline to move HRPyramid clients to PrismHR?

After January 31, 2020, PrismHR will no longer offer support for HRPyramid, and customers will no longer be able to run payroll on HRPyramid. Customers will still be able produce 2019 W2s and associated work items.

Why is it necessary to move?

Supporting multiple software platforms requires extensive resources and diminishes focus and impact of efforts to improve the flagship PrismHR platform. Consolidating efforts will ensure that all technical resources are available to work on critical initiatives, such as improving user experience, enhancing the API and development of new features and products that make you and your clients more productive. The January 31, 2020, deadline provides ample time for all HRPyramid customers to migrate over to PrismHR, and reaching each of the milestones minimizes the risk of missing the final deadline.

How will migrating to PrismHR help my business?

HR service providers using PrismHR technology self-report annual growth rates 41% higher than those using other platforms. You can also take advantage of the modern, web based user interface and a range of new capabilities to help you run and grow your business. Using PrismHR means you have the only unified solution available to expand your business by adjusting to the specific needs of clients you already have and clients with changing needs.

What’s the difference between HRPyramid and PrismHR?

There are many new features in PrismHR, and some of the most significant areas are:

User Experience and Search

You will immediately notice when you login to PrismHR that the user experience is streamlined and consolidated to help you be as efficient as possible.

One of the most exciting features of PrismHR is the new search functionality. This makes it extremely easy for a user to find almost anything by typing in just a few characters into the search box. And, for example, if a menu item is no longer where it was with HRPyramid, you can find it in a just a few keystrokes.

There are also new dashboards available to give your clients easy access to key information they need.

This new user experience and powerful search capabilities most likely will take a bit of adjustment, but most users find that after just a few days, that they are faster than ever in performing key tasks.


With Favorites, you can select features that you access frequently, and they will appear in your Favorites section so you can quickly access the areas you need most. Your selected Favorites will be saved and associated with your individual account.

Roles-based Security Model

PrismHR significantly expands your control over security. You can now control access to specific fields, menus and data based on roles so that individuals only see what they need, when they need it. Roles can be set up for individuals within your organization, at your clients or even down to the individual. This can be extremely useful for exposing functionality to PEO users or clients and gives you the ability to expose capabilities and tasks to your clients like never before.

Self Service

PrismHR changes how your clients and employees get access to self service. Client managers can now access the same web-based user interface that you use. Those menu items and tasks are in the same user interface for your client as they are for you, and once you setup and configure roles, it is much easier for clients to find what they need and for you to help your clients.

Employees benefit from an all new self service portal designed to work across smart phones, tablets, and laptops. The user experience is easily customizable too, from colors to background, to match their brand and preferences.

How is end of support being defined?

You will not be able to run payroll in HRPyramid and PrismHR will not provide any support for HRPyramid. The following modules will need to be accessed via PrismHR:

  • Benefits
  • Client maintenance
  • Garnishments
  • HRP Web edition (Employee Portal)
  • Human resources
  • Client-based importing
  • Payroll
  • PTO
  • Some reporting
  • Retirement
  • Client-based taxes
  • Time & Attendance
  • User Access
  • Client-based workers comp

You will still be able to access the HRPyramid back end for W2s, etc. where necessary.

What resources are available to help with the conversion?

View the webinar recording for a refresher on how to  convert your clients. Resources to communicate the change to your clients are available on SEEDS. If you feel that you need additional assistance, please request professional services support through the Customer Resource Center.  We strongly encourage you to plan ahead – we will make every effort to support your efforts, but we cannot guarantee availability. Additionally, if you have access to the PrismHR Learning Management System, there are helpful videos there as well.