The Journey that Starts with a Form

By Ginny Carpenter

We’re all on many journeys.  One of the most important journeys in our life is the journey to our job. Not just the commute, but the journey of our careers. That journey starts with a single form – a new hire form.

Onboarding is a critical part of an employee’s first impression of their new employer, and a mobile-centric, user-friendly onboarding process is central to that. PrismHR has been on a important journey towards understanding what makes the best onboarding experience for employees, their employers, and for HR service providers. And attendees of PrismHR LIVE in June were given a first-hand look at the results of that journey.

Watch Jim Richmond, PrismHR Product Manager, share the  journey in his conference session – “Introducing PrismHR Onboarding.”

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