Finding the Best Hiring Software for PEOs

By Jonathan Wall

As an HR service provider or a PEO, you are probably looking for “value adds” that will help your clients excel in their HR functions. One of the key value adds is making the hiring process easier for your clients, and having that function integrated in the portal they are already using for your services.

The fundamental appeal of your HR services is taking the worry and risk out of HR processes. One of the most complicated and task-oriented parts of human resources starts at the very beginning: posting jobs, screening applications, hiring new staff, and onboarding. If you get this upfront process wrong, you’ll be mopping up a mess when it’s time for benefits enrollment.

The best hiring software for PEOs or HR Service Providers should be designed to improve these human resource functions.

Benefits of Hiring Software

The National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) reports that PEO clients grow seven to nine percent faster than businesses that do not outsource human resources. When a company is growing, they’re increasing hiring to stay on top of new business. A hiring manager can quickly become overwhelmed with finding the right talent, fast.

Look for hiring software that works in two ways: first, the ability for your clients to continue to handle recruiting themselves, with the corresponding data integrated with your HR software system. Secondly, you should be able to handle distribution of job descriptions, candidate questionnaires, screening, and tracking on behalf of your clients. You should only need one login to manage multiple businesses.

The best hiring software allows your clients to add online job postings and manage their applicant tracking system. They should be able to post jobs on the web, job boards and social networks (including LinkedIn, Indeed and many more), communicate with applicants, hire great talent and easily onboard employees. By doing this in one system, your clients should be able to save up to 30% of the time it has previously taken them to bring on a new hire in the past.

Another desirable feature is the ability to screen candidates via customizable questionnaires. The hiring software will automatically send the candidates the appropriate email, based on their responses. So, one candidate could receive a “ding” email and the other could progress to a phone interview — automatically. Workflow-related configurations will allow you to customize appropriately to support each step of the process.

Everything should flow properly as the work is done, with no paperwork for your clients to physically handle. The new hire will simply receive an email inviting them to visit an online portal to complete electronic tax forms, read the HR manual, and set up benefits and payroll. It should be seamless, intuitive, and ensure compliance. The portal will flag any missing fields or stop the applicant from continuing until the proper sections are complete. If you’ve ever had to chase down an employee who was missing information on their new hire paperwork, you’ll understand how refreshing this approach is for your client. If the paperwork is incomplete and they’re audited down the road, fines and penalties could result. That’s why automating this process makes sense for your clients.

Of course, the data collected during the hiring and onboarding should flow through to benefits enrollment, time tracking and payroll, so you don’t have to worry about re-entering it. By integrating these processes, you’ll reduce redundant tasks that waste time for you and your clients.

Hiring Made Easier

As a PEO or HR service provider, your job is to provide your clients a complete menu of outsourced HR options to help improve their business. If you haven’t added hiring software to your menu of services, you are missing a significant opportunity to help clients find better candidates, speed up the hiring process, and deliver a better candidate and employee experience.

If you’re looking for the best hiring software for PEOs, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about PrismHR hiring software.