Benefits Enrollment You’ve Been Waiting For

By PrismHR

Benefits enrollment, and more specifically open enrollment, is one of the biggest projects HR service providers undertake each year.

Getting hundreds or thousands of worksite employees signed up and enrolled in the right benefits in a month or less challenges even the most organized and talented HR service providers. Compounded by the increased complexity of benefit plans, individual client needs and regulations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), getting your customers’ worksite employees enrolled is not getting any easier. Or, is it?

The next generation of PrismHR Benefits Enrollment makes setting up benefits enrollment and open enrollment easy and efficient for you while worksite employees can quickly view, select and enroll in the benefits they want, from any device they choose.

Setup and administration is easier than ever

What used to take hours or even days to prepare and set up now can be done in a fraction of the time. Building a workflow can be completed in as little as a few minutes and additional tools make the process of preparing for open enrollment quick and simple.

Need to change a workflow but you don’t want the changes active until a future date? You can do that! Need to to make an adjustment to an active workflow? You can do that too. The changes can be seen as soon as the user refreshes their session.

With PrismHR Benefits Enrollment, testing and validating the enrollment process is now streamlined so troubleshooting backend logic no longer requires sifting through coding or engineering support. And complete versioning control enables you to make and track edits, prepare for future enrollment periods and more.

As part of the cloud-based PrismHR platform, benefits enrollment is integrated with your other PEO software modules, saving you and your team time.

Streamlined benefits enrollment for worksite employees

The intuitive interface lets worksite employees compare up to three plans at once, making the enrollment experience easy and painless. End users don’t need to download any apps, the benefits enrollment interface is browser based and completely responsive to the device they prefer. Whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet or a mobile phone, their experience is optimized for each device.

Send time based or event based notifications via email or employee self service message to worksite employees to keep them informed with the information they need to select the right benefits for them at the time you need.

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