PrismHR customer XMI has gone through the process of automating their manual benefits enrollment process, and their Director of Operations and Payroll, Brenda Rowan, recently shared XMI’s reasons for deciding to automate and what results they experienced once they did.

XMI used a manual process to manage their benefits enrollment until 2014. As they grew, this involved working with huge amounts of paper, including sending out customized benefit forms to the employees of each of their clients. Once the forms were delivered, it was a manual tracking process to determine which employees enrolled and which employees needed to be reminded. Then all the enrollment data had to be keyed into the payroll system, usually within a very short window of time at the end of the year. Finally, they had to manually key all that information into the carriers’ sites.

Going to an automated benefits enrollment system became an obvious necessity for XMI as they observed the growing trend of more and more employees using their computers or smartphones to conduct most of their day-to-day business. XMI realized it would be a natural step for them to do the same for their benefits enrollment. In addition, they saw a real potential security weakness in their paper system and needed a more protected way to store sensitive employee data than just on paper.

While there were other benefits enrollment solutions available to them, XMI, who has been using PrismHR for their core HR services since 1999, decided it was important to leverage a solution that was native to PrismHR. This meant they didn’t have to spend the resources on both integrating a third party solution with PrismHR as well as maintaining that integration as PrismHR and the third party constantly evolved their products. And choosing PrismHR for automated benefits enrollment meant they could, like with the PEO model, maintain just
one vendor relationship.

XMI saw a wide range of improvements to their business after they automated their benefits enrollment process, including the ability for employees to enroll via mobile device, 50% time savings for open enrollment, customers being able to easily compare plans, and having a new competitive advantage.

Read more about XMI’s experience with automating benefits enrollment in this case study, and watch Brenda Rowan from XMI talk about her experiences in this video webinar recording.