The 2015 PrismHR Live User Conference is just a few short weeks away and we are busily preparing for what will be our biggest conference to date. This week, I was lucky enough to sit with some of our speakers for a sneak peek at what they will be presenting this year.

The content they have come up with is not only informative but really dives into our new software, PrismHR and what makes it great. Not only was I able to see inside PrismHR and learn how it works, but I also gained insight into why we are making the changes we have made, how we plan to support these changes from a corporate perspective and what we are planning for the future.

Most importantly, I found that almost every presentation I listened to was centered around customer success. We have always valued our customers, so I while it wasn’t a surprise that customer service was a core theme in these presentations, it was great to learn about what each department within PrismHR is doing to ensure customer satisfaction.

I also learned about how we are planning to reach our customers outside of the conference sessions. In addition to our Brainiac Bar, we will be hosting not one, but two, expert panels. These panels will provide attendees a chance to get their questions answered by our technology experts and industry experts alike.

Finally, between conference sessions, PrismHR will be conducting a listening campaign. Every member of the PrismHR team has been asked to talk with our customers face-to-face to discover what their needs are, what they care about and what we can do differently. We will then compile this information and assess what we can do moving forward to improve PrismHR and our customer experience.

Want to see a full list of conference sessions or check out what else is happening at this year’s conference? Visit the user conference page on our website. If you haven’t registered for PrismHR Live yet, remember registration ends Monday, April 13!

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