Every quarter, PrismHR publishes a Products & Services Update to inform customers of the many developments that occur each quarter relating to product updates, new partnerships, customer support initiatives, and lots more. It’s a great way to see the sheer volume of activity that goes on at PrismHR to ensure constant improvement in products, services, and support that help HR service providers expand and strengthen their own businesses. Note: If you’re a PrismHR customer, be sure to check your email to get your customer access to the Q3 2018 Products & Services Update.

Here’s an excerpt of what was just published to PrismHR customers about Q3 2018:

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PrismHR Onboarding Business Rules & Form Sets

There’s been a lot of excitement about PrismHR Onboarding since it was announced in June, and we’re pleased to announce some key new features.

The new Business Rules Library allows you to create a variety of business rules that ensure the correct forms are shown to the correct set of employees. You can create global business rules that apply to all your clients or client business rules that apply to a subset of clients.

The new Form Sets allow you to group your forms for easy organization, such as creating a group of all your clients’ handbooks.

Benefits Enrollment Life Events Enhancements & More

In Q2 2018, Life Events functionality was launched with very positive response from customers. With the Q3 release, Life Events is even better with enhancements like allowing employees to upload life event documents, life event workflow types being added to the dashboard and reports, and the addition of all life and disability offer types.

In addition, you now have the ability in Benefits Enrollment to email confirmation statements, post disabilities that require Evidence of Insurability with visibility to the GI overage, and allow flexible spending plan eligibility to vary by benefit group.

Employee Portal PTO Approvals

Manager PTO Approvals are now available in the Employee Portal. Using the new PTO approval dashboard widget and overview page, client managers can now easily and quickly approve time off requests right in the Employee Portal where they perform actions as employees themselves. It’s all in one convenient place.


In addition to the new product updates mentioned, PrismHR also released a wide range of other product updates, enhancements and fixes throughout Q3 that you can find summarized below.

Which Product Updates Matter to You?


Benefits Enrollment releases included many enhancements to Life Events and emailing employee confirmation statements. PrismHR releases give you new one time HSA match feature code in system parameters and new special option in group benefit plans. The Employee Portal release includes employer benefit contributions.


PrismHR updates include the payroll retirement contributions report feature, mass change to employee pay groups, new payroll version of gross-to-net-register report, and new employee pay rate report.


The PrismHR releases include workers compensation report, G/L accounting features, and G/L template and chart of account maintenance.


The PrismHR releases include mass change to employee pay groups, alert for approvals pending on payrolls, and custom email template for invoices. Benefits Enrollment releases include Life Events enhancements such as allow employees to upload required documents. PrismHR Onboarding includes business rules library and form sets. Employee Portal releases include ability to approve or deny an employee PTO requests.


PrismHR releases include new payroll version of gross-to-net register report, prorate new hire hours, conditional rules panel on pay codes form, and report class information updated in payroll and client reports.


PrismHR releases include field security added to payroll versions of reports, manager users listed in client security, alert for approvals pending on payrolls, and custom email template for invoices. The Benefits Enrollment releases include new substitution variables, and download functionality added to benefits enrollment trade. PrismHR Onboarding includes export dashboard data and New York wage PDF mapping. The Employee Portal releases include single sign-on menu, field-level security, show or hide password, and user experience improvement in themes.



In June, the IRS released a proposed new W4, aimed at establishing a withholding paradigm that aligned better with the income tax code alterations from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Initially, these changes were pegged for finalization by January 2019. However, after significant payroll industry pushback, the IRS recently pulled back the reins on these changes, delaying implementation until 2020. You can read more from the IRS here.

The Employee Portal team is targeting mid 2019 for functionality that will allow employees to complete / update their W4s via the portal, post onboarding. This will streamline and simplify the process in time for what may be a surge of existing employees looking to make an update using the new format.


New Partnership between PrismHR and Kurensē

PrismHR is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kurensē, a leading financial payments technology company that provides HR service providers a no-cost payroll card solution that’s easy for clients to implement. This new partnership will make it easy for PrismHR customers to streamline delivery of payments and reduce payroll costs while offering employees a faster, more convenient way to receive their pay.


PrismHR LIVE is the HR service provider industry’s biggest technology conference. Hundreds of PEO and ASO leaders will convene in Boston, June 17-20 2019.

Customer Support

Year-End Webinar

To help you prepare for year-end processing, we will offer a webinar to review best practices for setting up and processing W-2s and 1099s, and to provide tips on troubleshooting common issues. Anyone is welcome to attend, whether you’ve never processed W-2s and 1099s in HRP or PrismHR or even if you’re just looking looking to dust off those skills from prior years. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Initializing Employee W-2 Forms and 1099s
  • Reporting W-2 Boxes, including Benefits
  • Balancing and auditing W-2 and 1099s
  • Making adjustments to W-2s
  • Ordering W-2 forms
  • Printing and aligning W-2 forms
  • Creating EFW2 Files

Sales & Marketing

The PrismHR SEEDS program gives you sales and marketing resources to help make it easier to market and sell PrismHR technology.

The latest resources in SEEDS:

A New Way to Demo

Tired of setting up and logging into your demo accounts for quick prospect demos? There’s an easier way to show the PrismHR technology that powers your services. The Clickable Demo makes it easy to show prospective customers employee and manager functionality without ever needing to login to the platform.

Employee Portal Resources

Has your organization upgraded to the new Employee Portal? If you need help getting the process started, be sure to check out the Employee Portal section in the product area of the quarterly update. The resources in SEEDS can help you show clients the value of the new employee and manager technology. And, once you move to the Employee Portal, you can take advantage of the employee experience video.

“Creating a Great Employee Experience” Video

Providing a great employee experience is more important than ever. With this new video resource, you can show prospective clients how your technology and services can enhance their employees’ experience while alleviating many of their HR-related challenges.


PrismHR attended key NAPEO events in Q3:

CFO Seminar

July 11-13, 2018
Chicago, Il

PrismHR attended CFO Seminar and presented at the Technology Showcase. The Technology Showcase was a new program this year and PrismHR presented on what’s new in PrismHR technology.

Annual Conference & Marketplace

September 5-7, 2018
Phoenix, AZ

This year’s event provided many educational sessions and networking time in the Marketplace.