New PrismHR Partnership with Bullhorn Software Will Fuel Growth and Efficiency for PrismHR HRO Partners

By PrismHR

This morning, Bullhorn Software, a leading provider of software solutions for the staffing industry, announced its new platform for the commercial staffing market, Bullhorn One Commercial Edition, which includes integrated payroll from PrismHR. 

This announcement also kicks off our partnership with Bullhorn overall.  For current PrismHR HR Outsourcers (PEOs and ASOs), this partnership will help you work more effectively with staffing clients who use Bullhorn software, and provide new opportunities to grow your business.

It’s great news for our partners and here’s why:

  1. HRO Partners who have relationships with staffing organizations will be excited about our new partnership with Bullhorn and about Bullhorn One Commercial Edition.  
  2. The partnership will boost our collective profile, PrismHR and all the services providers in the PrismHR HRO Network in the staffing industry, and it will help create new relationships for the future.

Today, the PrismHR HRO Partner Network is over 300 strong, and this is another example of how  we’re working to continually deliver new ways to help PrismHR service providers make their business even better. 

To learn more about our partnership with Bullhorn Software:

Bullhorn Software has partnered with PrismHR to deliver software solutions for the staffing industry