Moving into PrismHR’s New Headquarters

By Jonathan Wall

This is an exciting week here at PrismHR because we’ve just moved into our new headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. If you’ve never heard of Hopkinton, then you probably aren’t from New England. It’s 26.2 miles outside of Boston – yes that’s right, the start of the Boston Marathon is just around the corner from our new home.  

Just four years ago, we opened our first office outside of Boston in Framingham, with just a few desks and offices. We then moved into a larger more corporate environment in Framingham, only to run out of space quickly, moving to a larger space in Southborough in February 2015.   What seemed like a huge open space was quickly filled, and we expanded the Southborough office to another floor in 2016. Now we’re moving again for even more space – while both the Plymouth and Little Rock offices continue to be key to our efforts.  

PrismHR’s new HQ brings all our team members together on one floor, and makes it much easier for teams to collaborate. And we have a lot more space for meetings – whether that’s in a conference room with a team or in a conversation with just a few people.

The new office is within walking distance to a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and others amenities, making it a much nicer location overall. Now we can truly have the ultimate caffeine battle – Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts, since they are right across the street from each other.    And with a gym in the building and bike trails outside our door, we can work off some steam when needed and let’s be honest, who can’t use an extra workout from time to time?

We love to have our customers and partners in the office too, so we hope you all will come on by for a visit soon.