Leadership Spotlight: Meet Mike DeLessio, Director of Professional Services

By Chris Pisarkiewicz

Davison welcomes Mike DeLessio, our new director of professional services. Mike’s experience and background have prepared him to take Davison’s Professional Services organization to a new level, focusing on process, strategy and service. We caught up with Mike to get the details on his vision and what he hopes to accomplish in his new leadership position here at Davison.

Davison: How does your experience prepare you for this new role?

MD: Over the past 15 years,  I’ve had the honor of building , running and growing professional services organizations for several different organizations – all in different stages of their respective lifecycles.  A majority of that time was spent working internationally, running professional services in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific), based out of London.  This experience provided the unique opportunity to work within different service models, from direct implementations to partner engagement models.  During this time, I also became fully immersed in different methodologies from both a cultural and technical perspective.

Davison: What is your vision for this new role as it relates to the company’s growth?

MD: Our vision at Davison is built around three main pillars to support growth: investment in the services team, best practices, and a scalable methodology.

  • The services team is the foundation of all of this. We look to invest in the team to help develop the skills needed to implement customers, grow our clients’ businesses, and also grow our employees.
  • Best practices ensure that we have the offerings and processes to guide customers in effectively implementing our solution, while providing guidance in how customers can grow their business to the next level using our software.
  • Scalable methodology is the development and implementation of processes that allow us to implement our services on time and on budget with a high level of customer satisfaction, maximizing our clients’ growth potential.

Davison: What do you hope to accomplish in your new role?

MD:   If we can accomplish these three main objectives, Davison Professional Services will be well positioned to support the growth of the business as a whole.

Davison: Who are your idols and why?

MD: I would have to say Brunel, one of the greatest engineers of all-time.  The thing I like about Brunel is that he was not afraid to fail, which is quite a risk when you are building bridges, ships and railways.  Without this, Brunel would not have achieved all that he did while pushing the limits of technology and new markets.