Employee Spotlight: Welcome David Wolverton!

By Chris Pisarkiewicz

F.W. Davison & Company proudly welcomes David Wolverton to our team! Many of our customers are very familiar with David, as he has been vital to HRPyramid product implementations nationwide through our partner, Sunset Programming. Get to know David a little better in our latest Employee Spotlight Q&A.
FWDCO: Talk about how you’ve worked with Davison over the years, and how this led up to your new role with the Company …
DW: Years ago, Fred Davison contracted me for a “3 to 6 month project” — this turned out to be the very beginning of HRPyramid. After the first customer went live, I continued on, working with new customers and writing changes to the core code as needed. Eventually, the implementation phase — the process of helping customers convert from what they “had” to Davison’s software — became my specialty.  As time went on, I saw opportunities to provide additional value for clients, such as an integrated Customer Relationship Management product and a Document Management system, which I built through Sunset Programming, a business I based on offering products and services for the HRPyramid customer such as software, implementation, training services, site reviews – the whole gamut. Over the years, for various reasons, becoming an employee of Davison didn’t quite fit all our needs. But things change and now we’re at a place where it’s mutually beneficial to merge my Davison-related business into Davison, and to take on parts of the business that I know really well. And, hey, after a 16+ year “probationary” period, I think we have all considered, and eliminated, any “down sides” to that decision!
FWDCO: What do you hope to accomplish in your new role as Director of Professional Services?
DW: My chief goal is to help our clients get the best use out of their software investment. Everything we offer through professional services will support this goal – doing site audits, efficiency reviews, helping HRPyramid on-premise sites ensure their ‘“disaster readiness” from an independent point of view, ensuring custom requests get prompt attention – and most importantly, helping sites get “re-current” training so that successive generations of users are just as knowledgeable as the product evolves and as routine turnover happens. Bottom line, we want our clients to be more productive each successive year. What small thing can they “add on” to their knowledge?  What changes could we implement for a site to make them more productive?  If we can help a client obtain a productivity gain every year, they can more easily grow.  When they grow, so do we. 
FWDCO: What does this mean for the future of Sunset Programming?
DW: First let me say that the relationships are not changing much – Davison already sold and billed for the software Sunset Programming installed, except for the imaging software which is from a third party. Now, Davison will own those pieces once we have completed the transaction. And Sunset Programming will still exist for a while for specialty work we will continue to do.
FWDCO: Who are your role models and why? 
DW: My family members are on the front line when it comes to role models. They have taught me quite a lot about business, a healthy work ethic, and — this might be the most important in the end — taking the time to look for the beauty in things. And Dr. Seuss is up there on my list of heroes. My desire to read and learn started with Dr. Seuss. Today, I try to infuse “whimsical” into my daily life. Work should be fun … or at least enjoyable. That’s my goal.