Matt Raymond

How to Hire Better Talent and Reduce Turnover with Performance Profiles

A case of misaligned expectations is a recipe for trouble whether it’s with your customers, employees, or during a family vacation. I’m writing this while working remotely on Cape Cod at a cottage we’ve rented for nearly twenty years. It has a private beach, housekeeping, and an amazing view from the kitchen table. Here’s what... Read more

How PEOs and ASOs Can Win More Deals with a Sales Management System

Sales Management helps you add efficiency and consistency to your sales process. Read more for four benefits of implementing a systematic approach to sales. Read more

How PEOs and ASOs Can Improve Client Satisfaction with Systems

Learn how PEOs and ASOs can manage customer issues faster and more accurately by using a centralized system for client service. PrismHR Pulse can help. Read more

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