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Top Human Resource (HR) Outsourcing Trends

The PrismHR 2018 HRO Trends Report provides key industry trends based on HR provider professionals. Read these top trends and download the report for more.Read more

How Technology Can Make or Break Your Next Deal

If a large, profitable client opportunity comes along tomorrow, but they need a service provider who could process payroll for a lot of employees that live and work in different areas, would you be the right HR service provider for them? The clients you can bring on are limited by your capabilities as an organization....Read more

The Benefits of the Telecommute: Another Way to Help Your Clients

Telecommuting or working remotely is continuing to gain popularity and is considered the new normal across many industries. For PEOs and other HR outsourcing service providers, it’s important to be aware that more workers expect to be able to work from home. It’s also important for HR service providers to share the benefits of telecommuting...Read more

Employee Self-Service: The Importance of Employee Self Service Portals

PEOs and other HR service providers are usually highly efficient when it comes to HR. But we also know how much trouble can be caused by a small breakdown in employee communications, such as a single e-mail lost in a spam folder. An employee self service portal keeps such issues from arising so that communications...Read more

HR Service Provider Software: When Are You Ready for PrismHR?

At what point should you move to a fully integrated platform for HR service providers? That’s a question that all PEOs, ASOs, and other human resource outsourcing (HRO) providers face at some point. It’s possible you may be comfortable with business as usual or you may find competition encroaching on your market. Your clients may...Read more

HR Compliance: Be Prepared for the Surprise Audit with an HR Compliance Audit Plan

Depending on how prepared you are, an HR compliance audit can be a minor pain or a major pain. This article will help you prepare so your next human resources compliance audit is nothing more than a minor pain.Read more

New I-9 Regulations

Starting January 22, 2017, the new I-9 form will be required. In November 2016, the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) published this updated I-9 form. The form, which was created in 1986, verifies employee eligibility to work in the U.S. Use of the old form for new hires will be invalid after January...Read more

Taking the Pain Out of Benefits Enrollment

A recent NAPEO study shows that PEOs make it possible for their clients to offer retirement and other HR benefits, which is a big win for small companies trying to attract top talent. However, small and medium-sized companies still struggle with benefits administration and benefits enrollment. That’s one of the main reasons they use PEO...Read more

PEO Risk Management: PrismHR Has You Covered

PEO Risk Management is an important consideration for your business. Consider an employer who has two separate facilities operating under separate business names but reporting taxes to a single Employer Identification Number (EIN). What if one person works 30 hours for each of the two businesses in one week? If not flagged and handled properly...Read more

Payroll Automation Software: Automating Payroll and Time Tracking for PEOs

Payroll automation and time tracking are at the heart of any human resources software for PEOs. These days, automated payroll systems must be cloud-based in order to provide the access-anywhere functionality that clients expect, and so PEOs can service clients effectively. That’s one essential requirement. The other is that the payroll automation software automates as...Read more

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