Jim Antonino

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Jim Antonino is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at PrismHR.  Jim has been with NetWise for over 14 years and has 21 years of experience in IT Consulting, Application Development, and Software Life Cycle Management.

He started his career with Andersen Consulting (eventually became Accenture), then left to start his own small retail business that eventually turned into an eCommerce business. Jim sold that and started an online classified ads service. Once he sold that company he joined the NetWise team.

Jim makes sure everything at NetWise is running efficiently. This entails solving problems quickly to maintain a high level of productivity and putting processes in place that keep us from having to solve them twice. Jim was born in Massachusetts but has lived in Florida since 1982. He is an avid Gator fan and believes that Fall Saturdays revolve around Gator football.