PEO Payroll Software

Scale as you grow

Always efficient and reliable, PrismHR PEO payroll software saves you more time and gives you more flexibility and accuracy than any other payroll solution available for PEOs and ASOs. The PrismHR platform has already processed more than a half-billion transactions helping hundreds of PEOs streamline workflows and reduce risk.

Fast and Efficient

PrismHR delivers unprecedented processing capacity. Process multiple payrolls simultaneously, automate common tasks, avoid rekeying information and reduce payroll running time. Because PrismHR Payroll is part of the unified PrismHR platform, data is automatically shared with other modules including benefits and HR.

Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

Run more payrolls and take on more clients. Grow your business without adding staff. Scale to accommodate any size company, making it easy to grow your business. Fewer employees are needed to run more payrolls with PrismHR than other PEO software alternatives.

Deliver the Best Client Experience

Automated payroll workflow helps you stay organized and efficient, and keeps your clients happy. Plus, they get a complete understanding of status and tasks at each stage of the payroll process. And now, at your discretion, you can even let individual clients process their own payroll.

Your Client’s Brand is Front and Center

Customize your client’s payroll experience by including client logos on checks and payroll self-service dashboards, and send branded payroll reports directly to clients.

Always Accurate

Always accurate calculations and processing means reliable payroll service for your clients.


With role-based security in PrismHR, you can easily manage client, staff and worksite employee security, down to menus, reports, and fields, ensuring that payroll data is always safe and secure.