Quickly bring on new employees and complete the onboarding process accurately and efficiently

PrismHR Onboarding makes it easy to capture employee demographic information, federal, state and local tax filing forms, and client-specific forms. With a welcome-aboard message center, company policy/handbook acknowledgement and electronic signatures, new hires can get started fast and your PEO gets complete, accurate records and data.

Customize for your Clients’ Needs

Tailor onboarding content and branding to your client’s unique business requirements. Personalize the onboarding experience with an introduction video, automated emails and prompt a policy acceptance.

Online File Cabinet

Upload forms, documents and other materials to make your new hire’s onboarding experience fast and hassle-free. Electronic signatures make it easy to capture signatures, so you always have complete and auditable records.


Onboarding seamlessly integrates with payroll and HR data. There is no need to re-key information into different systems, saving time, money and eliminating potential errors. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your clients’ information is complete, secure, accurate, and in one centralized system.


With PrismHR Onboarding, your clients are always compliant with new government regulations, taxes and policies. Nothing is missed or lost during onboarding with federal, state, local tax and custom forms all in one place. Audits are streamlined because every onboarding update is automatically tracked in PrismHR.


PrismHR Onboarding includes all Federal, State and local tax withholding forms, I9, integrated E-Verify and CA and NY wage theft prevention act forms.  Combined with custom forms and policies all accessible by employee or employer, you get the complete records you need to onboard a new hire.