HR Administration

HR Adminstration

Track and manage worksite employee activities, events and HR compliance

PrismHR makes it easy to track and manage worksite employee activity. From event tracking, OSHA and property tracking to other HR compliance activities and events, you have everything you need for complete, accurate insight into employee activity.

Consistent and Accurate

A single employee file ensures accuracy and consistency, and prevents errors and duplicate data. Changes made to the employee file (as with any file) is automatically updated with the changed data in any other record.

Insightful Analysis

Fully understand your HR data with complete reporting and analysis built-in. Instantly access the information you want, when you want it, saving you time while gaining more insight than with any other software.

Unified Employee View

All personnel information including compensation and payroll tax status is found in one record. Quickly search for an employee, specific file or item and view with one click. Search across clients and look up partial or full last name, birth date and client. View date sensitive pay rates, job history, status history and add employee specific notes.