Enrollment Data Bridge

Data Bridge

Streamline Carrier and Provider Enrollment Data Transport

Data Bridge (previously known as Carrier Connect) automatically extracts, transforms, validates and securely transfers enrollment data to carriers and providers.


Save Time

Automating employee record transfers saves you time, increases your efficiency, and reduces the risk of potential errors associated with manual entry.

Improve User Experience

Data Bridge streamlines the delivery of data to carriers and providers for organizations who would otherwise manually execute this process. Data Bridge is fully integrated, enabling data to be shared between other PrismHR modules.

Increase Accuracy

Employee records are automatically validated before they are sent to carriers and issues are emailed and posted to a dashboard. Error and discrepancy lists show errors and their location, saving you from the headache of checking the entire file for errors.

Reduce Liability

Data Bridge reduces your liability by automatically creating a record of all submitted data. This enables you to mitigate any future employee discrepancies. Automated carrier and provider updates also ensure employee records are updated on a consistent and timely manner.

Who should use Data Bridge?

Data Bridge is ideal for PEOs and ASOs that have group plans with 100 lives or more. The more lives per group, the more time Data Bridge will save your PEO.

Supported Providers

Data Bridge supports both proprietary files and “834 file” types, enabling you to securely and automatically transfer data to your carriers and providers. Learn more about the carriers and providers supported here.